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125 fo St. Nick. @ 120 ((the Harlem Poem))
PMPope Artist
125 fo St. Nick. @ 120 ((the Harlem Poem))

Night sounds of Harlem Saturday [[[actually Sunday morning


  1. Night sounds of Harlem Saturday [[[actually Sunday morning

  2. Good-bye Downtown [[[not actually thinking of the Monuments you built

  3. Once there was an island where all humanity dreamed

  4. Dreams of Golden Days/// Dreams of Intrin(sic) culture

  5. BO BOP BOP marching to staccato bells * for those stretching

  6. itchy fingers thumping medium grey beats of Hate

  7. positioned socially (on the installment plan) infected landscape

  8. til Knickerbockers are rolling over in Native Amerikan & Indian grave-

  9. yards of History recording so many varied souls of flesh

  10. Manhatta is Manhattan YES Manhattan is Manhattan YES

  11. Splendid! (((Then...))) Manhattan IS Manhattan YES!YES!

  12. Hunting grounds & cemetary for spirits unable to cross water

  13. Proving ground & laboratorium for hypocritical snaking staffs

  14. crazy dirty test tube mixing beaker to prove Love to be

  15. the only chemical component to keep us sane... Love the Beaver

  16. Life lived through the integrity of honest Labours ((priceless))

  17. Love the artists working up in Harlem, post gentrifically trained

  18. from L.E.S.> Time’s Square> Hell’s Kitchen-ette> subways & sidewalks

  19. It is those to keep the heart pumping though four valves clogged

  20. NOW is swirling blocks; swirling blocks are NOW Harlem children


  22. NYC STYLE POP CRACK SIZZLING SLEET-ish slips of tongue from

  23. hip felinious flickering of tales told to sales stolen from

  24. 12:30 PM sirens beating backgrounded breaks for- Silence

  25. spanish speaker blown out SON CUBANO

  26. Nobody speweth thee Queen’s English & even spanish is not spanish

  27. but... Puerto Rican*Argentinian*Ecudorian*Panamanian*... & even

  28. Nuyarican & Spanish Harlemian> Que hora es? is y ahora que?

  29. so... who has the right to say their right is more right?

  30. An artist pulls a black T-shirt over her white underwear

  31. another applies shape to purple splotches to make [[the picture]]

  32. seams more sane to wiggles & whistles belting through the loops

  33. Land LORD Lady> from Santo Domingo <sez this country is full of Mexicana

  34. who willingly work cheap Cheap CHEAPER for labors of longer hours

  35. in both Blue & Grey of Atlantic steeling seacoast


  37. Catch the D train from Herald Square & head UP-Town, Jackson

  38. may az well work those stables with Billy-Boy

  39. always another week for 125 sliding 5 blocks into into 120 & St. Nick

  40. Old Joe sez he needs a ‘Whodunnit’

  41. Librarians riding NYPL lions stockpile fines

  42. when the noble Jester decides to save ALL the poets from humiliation

  43. of being locked in the clutches of money grubbing mits

  44. of this Metropolis filled with salty vinegar blooded cusses cursing

  45. Ain’t that a devilish Dickens of a pickled egg to be stuck into???



  48. to be feets of striding heats of pre-summer-time

  49. Baby, you know, nobody’d throw out any sort of mechanized fans

  50. anymore

  51. then Tommorrow

  52. then another Tommorrow

  53. you can take yer Betty Crocker Sandy Duncan Doughnuts

  54. & your white flip-flop chocolate chips back to your- Silence

  55. dripping silent tongues trapped in economic green cafes

  56. ‘cause this train ain’t stopping @ a hundred & three...

  57. ten OR sixteen

  58. One hundred & twenty-five is the title of this week’s rent

  59. to live north in economic means

  60. under barrio full Moon

  61. up here

  62. in Harlem

  63. Where wisps the scent of attraction

  64. after you’ve gotten over the shock of the sound

  65. such a subtle touch of the tongue

  66. when you say it

  67. Harlem

  68. go ahead

  69. say it

  70. Harlem

  71. Say it smooth

  72. Harlem,

  73. Manhattan

  74. roll it over between finger & thumb

  75. got a mouth full of honey

  76. HARLEM

  77. Chocolate Latina nipples

  78. painting poems

  79. panting purring pussycat

  80. Harlem

  81. Dancing curve of white underwear...’itza tight fit

  82. inna yellow dress

  83. ‘Mi Vida...’ whispers secrets into Uptown night shadows

  84. ‘We are in a cold war with these people.’

  85. Dogz begin reversal scratching turntable barking

  86. programmed by ‘MY Man!’

  87. Main Man from the Main Stem came up the way


  89. Maybe he IS

  90. biblical outlaw of Amerikan nutrition

  91. & fine French West Indies artforms

  92. primal primitive & phonebook decopage

  93. HE sez (to me @ least)

  94. You must begin your painting with ONE clean, white chicken.

  95. Sit there & stare @ it.

  96. Let the chicken talk to you.

  97. Let IT tell YOU what IT needs...

  98. to be strong

  99. You must have three chicken/canvases each day.


  101. Whiteman

  102. You MUST have ONE canvassed chicken for breakfast.

  103. ONE chicken canvas @ Noon,

  104. & One chicken on the canvas for dinner...

  105. Praise Jah!’

  106. The lovely person from Madrid responds

  107. (((true to form)))

  108. They speak Spanish in New Guinea.’

  109. Out of this fourth floor window you can see the rock house of 243

  110. is silent in the sunshine where all through the night

  111. party girls were puddling next to the stoop... ‘Peas in a pod.’ sez Pam

  112. telling of conspiratorial body knotted messages thrown out in the trash back stairs

  113. all those red lights go -BLINK- GREEN! straight up St. Nicholas

  114. AMAZING! you could see flat to this shore>> from the entrance of the ‘A’

  115. friendly he seems.... sez he’ll swipe you for a dollar

  116. GOTTA HOLLA fer a DOLLA!! especially NOW Harlem children

  117. Do you believe in your king? Do you believe in his coin?

  118. Will you ride on his horse? ‘til he puts it to sleep?

  119. All those lights go -BLINK- GREEN! up here in Harlem

  120. Muslim calls to prayer three or four times a day for hair weaving...

  121. Chinese chicken eating sub-woofers beaming outta those rolled down rods

  122. & little boys trying SO HARD to be those jazzy men with more

  123. sooo... HERE WE GO! Here we go, Harlem... with the cop shop two blocks

  124. away from the CosmoMetroPolitan fare... just regular old Saint Nick’s neighborhood

  125. gotta snatch the cash way up here in...

  126. the Hills of Harlem....SO.... here we go, here we go...

  127. Harlem

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